Transamerica Releases 2018 Mid-Year Market Outlook

Why It Matters:

  • Offers a look at current market conditions
  • Provides investors and financial professionals with information to gauge opportunities and risks for the rest of the year and beyond
  • Analyzes and assesses what Transamerica believes are the most important challenges investors face
  • Helps investors rationally move forward in the current investing environment

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Aug. 14, 2018

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Transamerica just released its 2018 Mid-Year Market Outlook, entitled Fundamentals vs. Fears, which offers a look at current market conditions and how investors and financial professionals can best judge the overall opportunities and risks for the remainder of the year and beyond.

Written by Transamerica Asset Management, Inc., Chief Investment Officer Tom Wald, this report is now available, with analysis and assessments on what Transamerica believes to be the most important topics facing investors in today’s markets as well as what is likely to be on the horizon. These include:

  • The state of the U.S. and global economy
  • Opportunities in the equity markets
  • Stock earnings growth and current valuations
  • The outlook for interest rates in this Fed tightening cycle
  • Fixed income investing in a new environment
  • The risk of potential international trade wars
  • Investing within a higher volatility market

“Tom has done a great job not just defining the strong fundamentals we are experiencing in the markets right now, but also explaining how there have been legitimate investor fears of late that have probably held back returns to some extent,” said Marissa Weaver, Director of Channel Marketing for Transamerica Investments and Annuities. “By combining these two perspectives, we believe this outlook can really help investors and financial professionals move forward more rationally in the days ahead.”

Visit to read or download a copy of Fundamentals vs. Fears as well as view a brief summary video and other pertinent market information.

Things to Consider:

  • Use the information to make rational investing decisions
  • Assess risk and opportunities in current market conditions
  • Investors can accumulate knowledge needed to confidently and rationally move forward

Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal. Asset classes or investment strategies described may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The information included in this document should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any security. This material contains general information only on investment matters; it should not be considered as a comprehensive statement on any matter and should not be relied upon as such. The information does not take into account any investor’s investment objectives, particular needs or financial situation. The value of any investment may fluctuate.

This information has been developed by Transamerica Asset Management, Inc., and may incorporate third party data, text, images, and other content to be deemed reliable.

Comments and general market related projections are based on information available at the time of writing and believed to be accurate; are for informational purposes only, are not intended as individual or specific advice, may not represent the opinions of the entire firm and may not be relied upon for future investing. Investors are advised to consult with their investment professional about their specific financial needs and goals before making any investment decisions.

This material was prepared for general distribution. It is being provided for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as an investment recommendation. If you need advice regarding your particular investment needs, contact your financial professional.



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